Look to the future by imagining
their future

We want to be an inexhaustible source of initiatives,
a facilitator of concrete actions, a platform for exchange and reflection 
that provides innovative solutions to help restore the dignity of the senior citizens.

Our mission Our values Our approach Our team Our vision

Our mission

be.Source is a private foundation created in Belgium in 2010.

« To support and bring together actions that improve the living conditions of vulnerable senior citizens is our absolute priority. »

Drawing attention to and, above all, improving the living conditions of our older citizens are some of the major challenges facing society today and in the future. How can we do this? We believe it can be done by supporting local initiatives, by acting as a crossroad and meeting point for the various partners active in the sector, and by helping to bring about a new social model. Together with its partners, be.Source aims to develop new solutions to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged older people in Belgium.



This vast project consists of five areas of solidarity :

  • the fight against loneliness
  • the fight against cognitive decline
  • mobility
  • the management of free time
  • intergenerational relationships
Our values

be.Source applies a policy of transparency in management both internally, at the decision-making level, and externally, at the partnership level.

Each action undertaken by be.Source is done in accordance with the regulations in place, in compliance with the agreements and with respect for the person in general.  

be.Source guarantees the good governance of its activities and selects its partners based on the rigour and ethics they demonstrate. 

The foundation is underpinned by a public-spirited concept geared towards offering assistance to those most in need, regardless of their religious, political or ideological affiliation. 


Our approach
Nothing should be left to chance. The stakes are too high.

be.Source selects and analyses projects from non-profit organisations and charitable institutions working to help elderly people in need. In full transparency, we then define the charitable programme to be developed and fix the objectives to be met. We also closely follow the implementation of the project in terms of predefined qualitative and quantitative objectives. This includes meticulous verification of the use of funds we receive from our donors and sponsors.

be.Source aims to develop synergies between our partners by offering a platform for exchange and reflection, a range of training opportunities as well as guidance in our own areas of expertise – communication, finance, legal matters, ethics and social entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the work of all be.Source's partners, over 6,000 people benefit every year from more than 55,000 services*: home visits or choral singing workshops, care and well-being services, small house repair works, as well as many other acts of support.

*Figures as reported in the activity report of our partners

Our team
Our vision

"To raise awareness in civil, academic and political circles of one of the major issues of our time"

Our actions and initiatives are all based on solidarity. They are the interface between our partners, our donors, experts and the academic world. Our partners are united in their determination to share, bring together, exchange and donate - with the aim of helping the fragile senior citizens in Belgium.

Our wish ?

To be at the source of a global solidarity movement that aims to enhance the living conditions and dignity of older people. We envisage developing internationally because the problems of insecurity related to ageing are not confined to any single country.

We aspire to be a source of solidarity towards our older citizens so that we may help change mentalities and the way people view ageing.